The Alpha and The Lost Princess


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**Book Two of the Children of Fury Series**

Calliope Anderson is a young woman who is relentlessly bullied by the future alpha of the pack she lives in with her aunt and uncle. Her aunt and uncle treat her well, but the future alpha bullies her for not being a wolf. Her Aunt Juniper says they are witches, but Calliope can't even do simple spells. She chooses to act human. A week till her high school graduation and Calliope has accepted a position as a cook at the royal palace. It's her chance to escape the bullying by the future alpha and to go to college. But what happens when her main bully winds up at the palace. And what will happen when she finds herself mated to a werewolf.

Nicholas Phillip Warner is the future alpha of Zephyr Moon Pack. At nineteen, he has been able to find his mate for a year. But Nicholas isn't ready to find his mate. He wants to party and have fun with all the girls before settling down with one girl for the rest of his life. What happens when Nicholas finds his mate, and she isn't what he expected. She is working like an omega in the royal kitchen and isn't even a werewolf. He thinks she is human. He is reluctant to accept her but feels compelled to protect her from her bullies. What happens when he finds out his mate isn't human or even a witch, but a species many thought extinct.

***Sequel to "The Alpha King's Rebellious Queen" you might be able to understand it without having read the first book. ***


Tags: darkfairy/faerybxgmysterywerewolvespacksupernaturalspecial abilitylonelyshy
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                Sofia's POV


         "Are we there yet?" That idiot Harley whined from behind me. 

           I glared back at him. We had been trudging through this smelly, dirty swamp……


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