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Never had I even dared to dream of a life like this. I started as the ugly and chubby little duckling with parents that never were around. They were both warriors for the pack, one of the best in their field, which also meant they traveled a lot. It was never like I lacked anything special, but I never had anything special either.
My mother and father didn’t really want kids, but they had me and did the best they could for a while. When I got older, I could manage myself. The disappointment in their faces when they realized I didn’t want to fight as they did and that I didn’t do good in combat training either was heartbreaking. I knew very well I would never be able to follow in their footsteps, but the truth was I never wanted to. Either way, it didn’t make it hurt any less. They never tried to hide their disappointment, mentioned as often as they could that I wouldn’t be so fat if I trained like them. I liked the training, just not combat and fighting. I enjoyed running and swimming, but that didn’t count.


Tags: revengedarksexbadgirlindependenttwistedbxgseriouswerewolvesrebirth/reborn
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