The Wolf Pup That Lived II Alyra's Second Chance (Completed


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Alyra lived a full life with The Moon Claw Pack. She did her duties as a Queen plus providing heirs to her two Alpha mates.

Alyra always wondered what her life would have been if things would have turned out differently by never meeting her chosen mates, and staying with the one wolf that had her heart and soul from the start.

Even though she loved her pups, and remained faithful and loyal to her chosen mates that was giving to her by the Moon Goddess.

Unfortunately her mates couldn't stay faithful nor loyal to her.

Alyra's heart and soul longed for her first and true love Caleb.

Supposedly there is a witch who possess the power to open a portal to the time stream to multiple realities.

It is said that the witch has tried only once to play with such power, and that the supernatural being that entered the portal was never heard of again.


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The funeral

My body was brought back to The Moon Claw Pack.  They placed me in the morgue on ice until Connor and Theron had everything setup for the royal funeral.

They had four white pillars decorated with vine flowers in the color of white and blue. A plank was rested on the pillars for my body to be placed on.  It was covered with lush g……