The sound of the Rain


Ranya R. Romance

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Ten long years passed since Alyia saw her childhood friend for the last time. Ten years, since he promised her to find her the moment the ring he gave her would fit her finger, yet her she stood, in the station, back at the city she once left with her mother, searching for him instead of being found.

It's a been long time since Hiroki genuinely smiled. Long time ago he learned the only one he could rely on was himself. His brother turned into an enemy, causing problems for him, humiliating him and whenever those two ended in the same room, hateful gaze followed on both sides. His mother wasn't different. Her cold, distant demeanor followed him his entire life. Hiroki got used to this and stopped questioning their motives until the day he met Alyia and until the day he found the truth behind all of this.

Hideki always loved and cherished his little brother despite the dark secret of their blood relation. Since his childhood, he always wanted to protect his brother but not every time he chose the correct way to do so but that all changed the moment his eyes landed on her. The fragile yet strong girl, living alone, working and studying. For the first time he seriously wanted to compete with his brother and keep her just for himself.

What will happen when those three cross their paths unexpectedly. What will Alyia do when her heart become unstable and another man slowly sneak into it, threatening the love she carried for so many years?


Tags: love-trianglepregnantCEOstudentdramasweetbxgchildhood crushfirst loveschool
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80. Doctor

“Book me the flight ticket.” Hideki ordered his assistant once he finished reading the report one of his men brought. Hideki read the report two times before he made the decision to travel.

“Where will you travel, sir?” His assistant asked back. Hideki had to think thoroughly about this. He couldn’t simply leave the country without ar……


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