CEO's Personal Secretary



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"Did you not know your boss was selling his company and assets to me— Pheonix Atticus? Were you his secretary at all?" He asked me and I grounded my jaw. How I wished to dump this coffee on his expensive suit. But Lord forbids, I can't even pay him the amount back.

"I was on a three days leave. And I was his personal secretary in office. Not in his private and personal life. I can't know of shits he wouldn't tell me!" I said glaring at him and the similar smile played on his lips. I was in trouble. I f*****g knew it.

"Sir." He corrected me and I furrowed my brows.


"One, since you're under my employment and I am your employer. You will address me by a proper title. You'll start addressing me with Sir, okay? And two, I am your boss. You will talk to me with respect and without any of those fowl words. Or if you can't, you can simply resign. The choice is always yours, Miss Wilson."


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