The gift of love


Anne Romance

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"Jaan(an endearment used by lovers) you are looking so beautiful." he complimented her.

Indeed she was looking like a nymph, straight from heaven, only he knew how much he was controlling himself from taking her right then and there.

"But it should've been my name, written in those delicate hands of yours, my name should be decorated in your henna." He said coming closer to her.

His words brought a shiver run down her spine, consequently, She was shaking in fear.

" what do you want Viraj?" She finally asked what had been bothering her all long.

"Don't pretend like you don't know jaan and if you are keen upon playing dumb then let me be blunt, You jaan. I want you, I need you and you are mine by hook or by crook." He announced with determination in his eyes.

He tried to forget her but couldn't. He tried everything in his power to control his urges but failed miserably.

When he got tired of her rejection he kidnapped her.

Follow the exciting journey of his madness and her innocence.


Warning: The book contains s****l innuendos, r**e, k********g and extreme abusive and mature language.

If you are a very touche person don't read it.


Tags: stalkersexforced
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