Dominic: Son of Axel and Forrest


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I am Dominic: Son of Axel and Forrest. I am currently 20 years old and in about 2 years I will become Alpha of our pack, Abisso Oscuro. The reason I am becoming Alpha so late is because I am still going through training. It has taken so long to train because I am a mixture of both my dads. I am a Demon Wolf with elemental abilities, everything my two dads can do I can do. I shifted when I was 15 and ever since then I have been training to better control myself as it took me a bit to get my emotions under control now the only thing missing is a mate. I want what my two dads have as well as my Aunt and Uncle. I also want a mate who understands what it means to be mated with someone and how you should treat that person….but who knows.
“Son, you will find someone.” My father, Axel, tells me while putting a hand on my shoulder.
I sigh. “I don’t know, dad.”
“Dominic, stop it. You will find your mate and I bet you are going to meet him when you least expect it.” My other father, Forrest, says to me.
I nod. “I guess you two are right.” I say jokingly causing them both to scoff before laughing.
Little did I know how true their words were…
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Chapter 16

-Dominic P.O.V.- 

“I love you so much more, my love.” 

I attack Apollo's mouth as he moans in the kiss. He grips my neck tighter as his other hand grips my hair tighter. I growl as I pull back from the kiss while unlacing my fingers from around his neck. I quickly wrap my right hand around his neck as I apply pressur……


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