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After she announced her pregnancy, I felt differently about her. Like I want to protect her, help her... love her. When my mother died, I didn't allow myself to feel anything for any woman, but I forgot to block Olivia out and fell for her.
Now losing her is like living the pain all over again. I can't lose her.
He's my drug, how can I ever hurt him like that.
"Please, don't leave me. I love you, please stay."
"I'm sorry..."
I lost him once and now 2 times
I love him so much... but I left
But I lost her...

Olivia Adams and Stephen Malcolm are 2 people who gave up on love or are too scared of it. Olivia accepts to become Stephen's sister's surrogate and with her pregnancy, their hidden feelings start to appear, however, their damaged selves keep on repelling the other. Every time they try and be together something stops them as if the world does not want them to be one and they both follow their hearts and try to rebuild each other hoping they don't hurt anymore.
Will they chose to fight for one another? Or will they try to move on and live away from each other forever?


Tags: billionairesecond chancedominantbadboyCEOdramasweetbxgfirst lovecolleagues to lovers
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Chapter 41: Epilogue

- Olivia’s P.O.V -

It’s been almost six months since Stephen proposed to me and the wedding preparations have been crazy ever since.

Stephen wanted to get married somewhere big and luxurious but I wanted a nice small wedding that’s not too expensive but in the end, we agreed to get married somewhere that meant a lot to the both of ……


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