Breaking Me


Chloe Perrin Paranormal

3478 reads

Willow has powers and lives openly in the world until she is plunged into a world of mystery and betrayal. Werewolf's, Demons, Vampires and Witches all enter her life and turn it upside-down. While she is running away from someone stuck in the past, threatening to take away her freedom, will she find help from those closes to her? and with love blossoming from different places, one human and one wolf will she find happiness or will she be broken.

*I’m your worst nightmare and if you don’t stop, I will take all the power you have!” his electricity started crawling from his body to mine, the bolts dancing from his arm to mine. I feel the power getting greater and his getting weaker, with all the power he had left he grabbed me, excruciating pain shot up my arm, my body involuntarily letting out a scream. 
                   My eyes turning black as the power is drained from Deans body, I feel small shocks of electricity running through me, “Willow stop! You will kill him!”*


Tags: alphalove-trianglesecond chancebxgmysterywerewolvespacksuperpowerspecial abilitypassionate
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Chapter 70- Willow POV

                “JAKE!?” my whole body froze, I wanted to run to him but something was keeping me In place, Alex stood slightly in front of me and everyone else seemed to take a defensive stance and I couldn’t understand why, Jake had returned to us but everyone looked like they had seen the enemy, I final……


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