You Belong To Me (A Spin-Off To Avenge Marriage Series)


Red Johnson Romance

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Previously named: Before You

When Vera Vazquez landed at the airport to attend her brother's wedding, she knew something was going to happen, she could feel it inside her. But of all the things that did happen to her, the last thing she expected was to fall in love. Like seriously, who falls in love these days? Guess, she did.
Enrique Ortega was kind, warm and the first person in her life who made her feel wanted. Throw in, brooding bad boy looks with a charming kindness and Vera was the moth to his flame.

But there was just one problem...

Enrique was head over heels in love with her sister, the epitome of perfection and kindness, Amber.

Vera was nothing like Amber but all she could hope was that Enrique would one day accept and love her for who and the way she was.

But was it so easy to make a man fall in love when she had no idea how that was supposed to work in the first place?

From passion to heartbreaks, long walks on the beach to tears and pain...and a massive secret that can destroy everything for good...

Where will Vera and Enrique find each other in this new chapter of their lives?

The 3rd book in the #Avenge Marriage series, this is the story of the most unpredictable couple and their journey to love...


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Song: Always Remember Us This Way.

The emptiness that flooded through Vera as she unlocked her door knocked the wind out of her chest. Her apartment has always been like this but as she walked inside, her feet resisting, her heart crying not to do this to herself, not to be so brutal to herself, it felt like she was walking into……


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