The falcon's daughters

Anna Klang Fantasy

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Kit stared at the woman who looked just like her.
Who are you?
Her voice was just a whisper but the woman smiled lovingly at her.
One who has searched for you.
She put her arms around Kit and whispered in her ear.
I'm waiting in the mountains.
Suddenly, the ground shook under their feet and they were abruptly torn apart. A huge ravine had opened between them.
You have to find me!
Barely had the words left her mouth until the ground collapsed beneath her and she disappeared into the darkness of the ravine.

Kit was only a baby when she was found abandoned in the mountains. For seventeen years she was raised on an island far from the rest of the world. Even though she was content with her life she longed to see the outside world. And then one night a dream changed her entire life. The time had come and alongside her best friend, the black panther Dorcha, and the man that raised her she left the island. She knew that no matter what she had to find the woman from her dream and find out who she was and why they looked alike. Could the woman hold the answers to who she really were and to why she was abandoned all those years ago?

In the outskirts of the kingdom of Carlan crown prince Cadenor sat by a campfire. His calm evening turned to something else when a horse rode into his camp. The badly wounded rider fell into his arms. He was shocked over the discovery that the rider was a young woman and she was just barely breathing. Moments later soldiers followed her. He couldn't help to wonder who she was and why was she being hunted?


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Chapter 137

King Leerian waited impatiently in his throne room. He paced back and forth on the stone floor. Worgan glanced over at his wife and they shared an amused smile.  

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