Mistakenly Fallen


Amy Shahid Romance

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Being born in a mafia family is actually not as scary as it may look like!
Well, at least it didn’t for Camila, who had gotten used to seeing guns, fights and loads of money, floating around her life.
It was just a way of life for her.
But she was never the one to take pride in her family’s status and wealth.
In fact, while her brothers enjoyed the attention they received, she lived under their shadow.
She never had a true friend, never got asked out by a guy and was always pushed around.
She was quite simple for her life.
All of her good deeds finally pay off when she gets in to the college and sorority of her dreams.
But things just don’t always go as planned, do they?
One cursed night, blinded by her emotions, she ends up drinking herself to oblivion and one drunken mistake changes her entire life.
She never meant for any of that to happen but being drunk and intoxicated, she ends up in the back of a stranger’s car, doing things that she had never done before.
But that intoxication soon turns in to heart break when she finds out that the man she had mistakenly fallen for is a playboy and she was just one of his many toys.
As if she wasn’t regretful enough, things get even worse for her, when she finds out that the man, she slept with is no one but her new lecturer.
Will Camila be able to survive the curse of a drunken mistake or will her family’s past intervene with her future?
Follow the whirlwind of sweet seductive romance, that clouds hearts and flutters in to excitement, following many turning points of a love story.


Book 3 in the Mistakenly Taken Series - Could be read as a stand alone.


Tags: one-night standplayboygoodgirlstudentcomedybxgcampuscoming of agefirst lovelecturerDreame Love Story Contest
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