My possessive boss kisses me.....


Dreamewanderer Romance

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Dan Spence (A billionaire play-boy businessman/Father whose first love broke his heart)

Eva Roberts (A tomboyish girl with a loud mouth and absolutely zero femininity and loves being independent)

Max Spence (Dan's 5 year old kid who makes sure every nanny is out of the house on the same day)

Seeing her so helpless I paused for a second but then again the pictures that were sent to me this morning and the way her ex-boyfriend was kissing her flashed in my eyes and something snapped in me “All you women are the same you just want a man’s money and would do anything, stoop to any level to get what you want! A slut will have to be treated like a slut” I hissed out as I wedged my leg between hers with my knee rubbing against her core “is this what you want? Huh? I am gonna make sure you are never going to think about another man ever Eva Roberts”.

She yelled at me “Are you out of your f*****g mind Dan? Damn it…! You think I feel something for John?”

Hearing the name ‘John’ from her lips “here, you are under me and still taking the name of your ex-boyfriend?”

Eva grit her teeth “that is exactly what he is MY EX-BOYFRIEND nothing more if anything it’s… it’s you that…”

Dan sneered looking down at me “You used to be so receptive to my every touch before, what happened now? Do you find my touch that repulsive that you are turning your head away from me? Huh has someone else caught your attention now?”

It all started on the most unlucky day for Eva when she lost her job coz she had a fight with Dan on the job at the restaurant where she works.

Dan frequented a restaurant which catered to the rich primarily as that was the only place where he would get food according to his preference. He was meeting his date for dinner. The dessert they had ordered left his date with an allergic reaction due to which he asked to see the chef, who turned out to be Eva. Eva was an excellent dessert chef who had been working at that restaurant for quite a long time. Dan in the heat of the moment abused Eva who in turn threw the wine they had been drinking on his Armani. This incident left Eva jobless and Dan very pissed with a big blow to his ego as no one ever even dared to defy him in their dreams.

He played Eva right into his palm as his puppet chopping the strings when he felt like!


Tags: billionairepossessivesexHEarrogantgoodgirlCEObossdramabxg
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A big thank you to all my lovely readers who have supported me so far. This book is my baby as it's the first novel I have ever written and, so far, I am glad that I have received a positive response to it.

I know my work is not perfect as I am not a professional writer and, as you all can see, there are mistakes in the book (as pointed……


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