Matters of the Heart: Kyle and Viola


Jojo Romance

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After being stuck with his ex-mate in a loveless relationship and after all her illegal involvements, Kyle makes the choice to reject the bond, but this leaves him with an emptiness and depression that takes over his happiness. He decides to move with his father to the Western Territory to help with important medical research. On the day he departs for his new, fresh start, Kyle uncovers that the beautiful and caring she-wolf, Viola is his mate, but before she can realise, he makes the choice to leave her behind in order to fix himself and be a better mate, making the promise to come back for her oneday.

Viola, opens the new medical wing and all in her life has exciting prospects, except she can't shake the fact that her mate left her. She knows it has to be someone from the old clinic who left for medical research and waits patiently. What happens when days roll into months and he still doesnt come back for her? Thinking he has forgotten about her, or worse, died, Viola looks to her assistant doctor, Mitch, for comfort. She finds a glimmer of happiness, but at what cost to her wolf?

The royal wedding and annual Winter Ball is soon and everyone is excited to see Kyle. What will happen when Viola comes to realise it was her dearest friend who is her mate and that he left her on her birthday? On top of that, he hasn't replied to a message from her in several months and their friendship isn't what it used to be. How will Kyle react to Mitch and Viola?

Trilogy Order:
1)Matters of the Heart: Xavier and Flora
2)Matters of the Heart:Kyle and Viola
3)Matters of the Heart:Mitch and Gabriella

Give them all a read!


Tags: fatedsecond chancesensitiveindependentself-improveddoctordramawerewolvesroyalanother world
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Author's Note:

Hello Readers,

I would like to say an enormous thank you to all of you for reading my book and for your continuous commenting, constructive feedback, compliments and ideas. This really was so uplifting and motivating for me. As always, your feedback is always welcome.

Finally, Kyle and Viola comes to an end and my hear……


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