The Alpha Viking


Maria Elise Paranormal

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Freya, daughter of the White Moon packs head warrior.Strong, fast and one of the best fighters in the pack but with a wolf that wont change form.
Dont get me wrong,Ragna is fuly present, allways with a sassy, smart mouth answer but she would not show her self.


Why is her wolf acting different than other werewolfs? Will we meet her? Do Freya find her mate? Do they accept eatch other? Who's the one lurking in the shadows?


This year it's time for The Silver Moon gathering, a gathering for all werewolf packs in the world and for the first time on history The Vikings pack from Norway is attending.


Eirik knew most packs considered his pack almost a myth, old warrior pack from Norway.
His deep bluegreen eyes were scanning the location that was beginning to take form far ahead in the ocean gap.
He could feel the anticipation from his pack as they were closing in, thousands of werewolfs in one place there would be heartbreaks, fighting and lives would change for ever.
We are ready!

Where is she? He can smell her but she allways seems to slip away, will he find his destined mate? Will she be strong enough to face his packs predicted curse? Will he discover the threatening darkness before its to late?



Tags: shiftermatepowerfulindependentbxgothersdisappearance
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Eirik’s POV

OMG, what a cute facial expression she had! The perfect deer caught in the headlights of a car, shocked and slightly embarrassed mix. The only thing that would have made that cute face better is a slight pout. I loved it! And I want to do it again, everything about her. I feel like myself again. I know she doe……


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