Fixed Married to the Arrogant CEO


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"Look here, you arrogant excuse for a human being. Being married to you is nothing but a piece of paper and a family agreement to me. If you think you can control MY life and MY decisions. You're absolutely mistaken" I hissed at him and he glared at me.

Then, he grabbed me by the wrist.

"Listen here, woman. Agreeing to the same agreement you mentioned makes you mine. MY property. MY wife. I'm not going to tolerate this attitude of yours. I'm your husband and nothing will change that. YOU'RE MINE. Whether you like it or not" he said.

The next thing I know, he lifted me up on his back like a sack.

Damn it!

How did my life became like this?

Amethyst Beverly Wright is a famous anonymous fashion designer in New York. She had ran away from home because she didn't like being manipulated by her parents.

She became an independent woman all on her own and is more than contented with her life.

But when a sudden family problem is thrown her way, she finds herself being fixed married to a man she barely knows.

To make it worse, this man turned out to be the arrogant CEO, Devon Alexus Shaw. The same man she had hooked up with the night before her engagement.


Tags: possessivearranged marriagearrogantindependentinspirationalCEOcityoffice/work placesassypassionate
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Chapter 157: SNEAK PEEK

I looked at the clock over and over again.

It always seems like time is going too slow when I'm in school.

I hate it.

If only I could skip through college, I would.

But then again, I can't.

Or atleast I refuse to.

But then I I also don't enjoy studying with everyone……


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