Released by Him [Dark Temptation Book Two]


Jennifer Lee Romance

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“Love can break and make you, and it does destroy a heart into pieces.”
What is love?
How to define it?
Does love make you stronger?
Does love make you weaker?
Does love make you want to own something even when you know it does not belong to you?
This is not love.
This is not supposed to be love.
I want her just for one reason; to destroy the world.
Love is a nuisance.
Love is a plague.
Love is a problem.
And the last thing I want…is a problem.
But after our separation, I want her more than anything.
Not because of my mission. My objectives. My goal. None.
I want her simply because…she is her.
Mine to keep. Mine to break.
Venus Skylar…she is definitely the unfortunate soul.


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We were on our way to Micah’s house.

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