The Earth Witch


StephanieLight Romance

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***Warning: Explicit content including multiple partner s*x scenes and GxG s*x, domestic abuse, depression, and other sensitive topics. Reader discretion is advised***

She thought the Dragon would love her always… Little did she know, his heart was as cold as his icy breath…

Naive and innocent, Guinevere fell for the Dragon King… until she discovered the true monster within. Now on the run from her abusive Ex, Guinevere must overcome a new challenge: Fending off a Werewolf Mate.

Gone is the girl who dreamt of fairytale endings and true love’s first kiss. She does not trust the handsome wolf who claims to love her.

Will she let her heart fall in love again, or will the Dragon King come back to claim his Queen?


Tags: possessivesexdominantwitch/wizardweredragondramabxgwerewolvesenemies to loverssupernaturalYoung Adult Fiction Writing Contest ⅡESCAPING - Suspense/Thriller Writing Contest 1
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28. Determined



For the past week, I have drifted in and out of consciousness, my eyes fluttering open for a few seconds before I fall back into the abyss.


It takes me a few days before I finally manage to open my eyes completely and the first thing I do is……


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