Are You My Mate?


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Denai is a naive good hearted she-wolf that turns out to be the mate of her packs future Alpha. She has always had a crush on him and he's never made any advances besides the occasional flirty smile. (At least it seems to Denai that he flirts with her) One thing on her side is that he is always nice and a gentleman and her dad was a friend of his dads. The only person that she is worried about accepting their union is his mom. The Luna is not as accepting of just anyone. If you are not a friend of hers, someone of higher ranking, or her precious son you will be looked down upon and cruelly judged. Even if you are as good hearted and honest as Denai.


Tags: dramasweetbxgwerewolvesroyalweak to strongnaiveRoyal Romance Writing Contest
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Chapter 53

  * "So where are you headed?" I ask curiously. "To my mom's pack in the East,"  "We stopped here, because there's a store she wanted to check out, that has special birdcages" "Don't ask," he says as he shrugs and I laugh, but I hold back a little. (One thing Jaison was always good for is a laugh, when he wasn't hitting on me or insult……


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