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Jared Luz and his best friend Jaylahg Jetti, convince his overly protective parents to let him go out of town for the greatest party of the year. The club is hot and the girls are even hotter. He has the time of his life until the next morning.

He wakes up in a hotel beside Annalise Fern with no memory of his life—or what even happened the night before. He doesn’t recognize his face, name or even the people around him. His family are like strangers to him; his best friend is a mystery. He doesn’t understand what is happening or why it is even happening in the first place. The only thing he is certain of is his feelings for Bren Faux and the little flashback memories he gets whenever he is near him. He knows that the only solution to his problem is staying close to him.

Bren remembers Jared; he could never forget him, he remembers everything that happened between them. He remembers just how in love he is with the blonde haired boy but he can’t be with him. He could lose everything if he even thinks about trying to help him remember. He also knows that his parents have some part in it.

Jared knows Bren has everything to do with saving him and he has to prove it. This is a love story between two boys who will do everything to be together.


Tags: opposites attractsecond chancefriends to loversbillionairesssweetbxbgay
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Jared’s pov.  

The pastor says some prayer as the lift the coffin into the grave. There are over fifty people here. They are all crying, some tears are real others just for theatrics. I hold unto the tissue in my grip but I don't use it once. I look over as my father pours his goodbye sand into her grave. &nbs……


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