The Apple Of distraction


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“Thanks for coming,” he said at last, to her relief.
Oh, Ella thanked her heavens! At last, an opportunity to run away from this torture his presence was evoking in her. When she made to stand up, he offered his hand, and without giving it a second thought, she took it, regretting immediately for doing so.
She blushed terribly. It was as if her heart and body melted in his strong palms. Her heart raced, lightning bolts jolting all over her body.
Gently, he pulled her up. Ella wasn’t prepared to stand on her own with all those bolts moving up and down her body, so she staggered. Fast, his other hand went round her waist, preventing her from a fall.
“Is everything okay?” he asked, but this time, his voice was husky. Hell this was the first time he had her in his arms, and it felt great.
* * * * * *
Prince Aches is determined to solve the mystery surrounding his father's disappearance at sea. But when beautiful daughter of an American Mafia, Isabella Ray, steps into his palace, the engaged Egyptian prince is sure 'nemesis' has finally caught up with him.
Abducted by a notorious Egyptian gang, rescued by the Egyptian army, and now detained by the Crown Prince, Isabella Ray is regretting why she ran away from home. While she awaits her freedom, will she be able to ignore the forbidden desires she feels towards the rumored constant 'heartbreaker' prince? Will her little secrets be exposed?
Set at the time of Egyptian modern monarchy, The Apple Of Distraction is the first in the Distraction Standalone Series. A heart touching story of betrayal, love, seduction and sacrifice.


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