The Almighty Alpha Thinks I'm His


Jane Anne Paranormal

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Isabella is a werewolf and is expected to meet and fall in love with her mate, like everyone else, Except she is not like your typical wolf girl, she wants to fall in love the old-fashioned way like humans do. So when she is forced to attend the annual Samhain dance to find her mate, she concocts a last-minute plan with the help of her best friend, and a witch. She manages to fool her mate, Will Isabella find love the old-fashioned way, or fall head over heels in love with her mate, as soon as she sees him As the other girls do?

"Did you really think you could lie to me, Isabella?" Derek spat at me as he slammed his fist on the desk making me flinch.

"I didn't lie to you Derek; you never once asked me if I was your mate!.". I was not going to cower from him, even if he was the most powerful Alpha in the Country.

"No you only masked your scent, so you could hide from me, then you let another man touch what is mine!" he yelled as he came around his desk towards me. His closeness made my knees weak; I could feel the tears welling in my eyes. I took a deep breath and turned away from him, determined not to let him see me cry.


Tags: billionairealphapossessivekingsweetwerewolvespackcoming of agesecretssupernatural
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