Almost Rejected


Dirtybuiscuit LGBT+

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A seventeen year old werewolf named Stefan Meyer recently moves to a new town with his grandma. After just a few days, he meets his mate, Adebiyi Ibrahim (or ade for short), Alpha of Sëenige pack. Having had suffered throughout most his life Stefan was happy to had finally found his mate, but everything came crashing down when his mate made the decision to reject him on spot. Luckily he was stopped before he could finish the rejection but that doesn't stop Ade from not wanting him or erase the pain Stefan feels from almost being rejected.

Will Ade ever except Stefan as his mate or will Stefan leave before he has the chance? and what's going on with Stefans past?


Tags: alphapossessivematelunabxbwerewolvesmale leadnon-human leadturning gay
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I ran out the restroom, quickly wrapping a towel around my freezing body. "What is with you and cold showers?!"

"I don't like cold showers, I just needed you to get out your thoughts." I could hear the uneasiness in his words, making me feel guilty. Ever since Ade had me go up first I couldn……


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