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Kash Love LGBT+

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Clarisse is just twenty-five, not too old, but hooking up with random men wouldn’t make her feel loved. Although Raymond did, but in a different way he made her feel secured and cared and stable. Whereas Wichita, she made her feel like home, a “NEW HOME.” When she had left everything behind and ran off to this intolerant city where she lived in a tiny rented apartment in downtown of Manhattan, laboring all day and night to make it a home and yet couldn’t. Wichita came along with a home, a home in her arms the most warm and safest place on the earth.


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Clarisse was in WIchita's arms they both drunk on the poton of a new found love in the chalice of beauty. Their quest has now ended everything was serene. In each other's arms they have found their homes, a home which a billion dollars couldn't buy, and a home which a family couldn't make.

It was far more better and it was far more comfort……