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FALL FOR A BILLIONAIRE — Billionaire Romantic-Suspense Writing Contest

"Come with me." He drags me from my seat by my hand. I make sure and be extra careful not to stumble upon my gown. Because he will not care about it anyways.

"Where are you taking me?" I say, trying to take off his hand on my wrist.

"You are in no place to ask this." He says, dragging me.

"What? Who are you to decide that?" I say. He holds firmly.

"I'm the hell that I warned you about." He twists my hand more.

"Leave me." I wince.


Vihaan Sinha, a billionaire whose life gets tangled up when he is framed as the murderer of his own step brother, Meet and girlfriend, Payal. Later, the case closes letting Vihaan out from the jail because of his status, but a depressed and lonely Writer/journalist, Meghna Malik, who's job is at stake and has only hope with Vihaan's case to save her job, reopens Vihaan's case again by writing articles and publishing urging headlines about him in the newspapers and social medias garnering hate against Vihaan, leading to reopening of the case.

Vihaan forcefully marries Meghna with a deal under a six months contract to stop her from digging pasts, but both fall in love in this hate for hate situation, despite there's a clear reason for them to hate each other.

Has Vihaan really murdered Meet?

Why did he kill his girlfriend and step- brother?

Is anyone else the killer or is Vihaan the right suspect?

Can Meghna save her job or will she really fall in love with the so-called killer, Vihaan.

Has Vihaan really married Meghna to stop her actions or there's more to it?

Do Vihaan and Meghna really fall in love or there's a conspiracy going on in both of their heads?


Tags: billionairerevengecontract marriageforcedarrogantdare to love and hatebxgmysteryenemies to loverscrime
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