Breaking Our Broken Hearts


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Rose Martin

“So, Rose Martin, you have just one option left in your hand. Do my job as I say or give me five million dollars.”
I clenched my fist and took a deep breath. I knew I had no way. I couldn’t form any comprehensible word.
I lowered my head and looked at my feet.
“Okay. I will do your job.”
“Glad to know that you agreed. Since you didn’t like working in my office, I have arranged something different this time. You don’t have to be uncomfortable thinking about office people watching us two.”
“What is it?” I asked him in confusion.
“Be my mistress. I hope you will be able to give me a hundred percent professional performance.”
Tears trickled down my eyes.
“Yes. Sir,” I said with a bitter smile, tears in eyes.
I couldn’t believe how a person could change so much, was he the man I had ever loved!
I couldn’t blame him because I was the reason behind his becoming like this.
You might hate me Bryson Smith, but believe me, I too didn’t have any way. That’s why I couldn’t keep my promise. I had to break your heart to make it continue beating.

Byson Smith

Enough of my heartbreak. Rose Martin you have given me enough pain. Now I will make you experience the real anguish.
Didn’t my love hold a bit of value in your heart? The promises we made together?

Why does Bryson Smith want to seek revenge on her first love, her ex-girl friend, Rose Martin? Why does he want to make her his mistress after eight years?


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New story

Hello lovelies, Thanks a lot who have read this book, still reading this book, and have this book still added in their library.

My new is published in Dreame now... "Lusted By The Notorious Billionaire"

It will be back with another steamy, billionaire story...

And this story will be different than previous……


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