The Rogue's Daughter


Twyllie Paranormal

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Avery Soren is an unshifted rogue living in a world where strong packs are the law. She’s been on the run all her life with her best friend Marco and his father Old John.

Things change when handsome and deadly Alpha Bane Cohen -son of the all powerful Titus Cohen and infamous Alpha’s daughter Gabrielle Bancroft- starts attending her school. Avery does what she can to avoid him but it’s proven difficult when his bright silver eyes catch hers.

((Sequel to The Alphas Daughter but you don't necessarily need to read that to understand this one))


Tags: possessivefamilyopposites attractarrogantbadboydramabxg
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A mysterious POV:

A few years passed and the tales of the first werewolf, Dante, and his mate the last Alpha's Daughter, Avery, are still whispered amongst the werewolf community. Their adventures are said to be legendary and fairytale like.

Two very different individuals matched together by fate.