My Cursed Love


Anne Paranormal

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*Book One*

I slowly lifted my hand. She closed her eye in fear of being hit and tilted her head a little to the left just waiting to feel the pain from the blow. But I didn’t hit her. I just touched her cheek slightly enjoying the warmth from her. She looked at me in surprise as she felt the small touch from me. I moved a bit back taking off my sunglasses. I smiled a crooked smile as she looked at me with her eye wide open in surprise. I looked away for a little bit. I waited for her to let her guard down a little and I knew exactly when she did it as her upper body moved a little forth suddenly showing an interest in me and what I was looking at. Then suddenly I put a strong hand around her throat putting a little pressure on it, just enough so she would feel a little bit of pain as I minimized the amount of air she could pass through her lungs. The sudden move from me shocked her and the room was suddenly filled with a strong scent of fear. It was suffocating but I knew this was necessary.

Elena a young human girl, who was with 12 other young girls kidnapped to serve a mad alpha and his pack. As she escapes she almost dies but is saved by a red eyed stranger, who from then on can never leave her side again.
Revenge was never given a great start on life. He is different and has always been the outsider, yet he tries his best to do what he can for his pack and be the leader no one thought he could be. Unfortunately, he had never expected a human to be his mate ... and he can't let go of her.


Tags: revengealphapossessivekidnaparrogantdominantstudentdramabxg
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Book Two: Dean

This story will follow Dean, Revenge's and Elena's son and his mate Cara

“I’m not going to hurt you,” I leaned down and whispered in her ear.

Even though she had had threatening touch to her scent, she suddenly turned still, as I came close.

“Let. Me. Go,” she sneered, but I didn’t.

This femal……


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