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He came into my world like a hurricane, unpredictable, dangerous and out of control, destroying everything I had built in his wake. There would be no one else after him, he made it so.

My mate was cruel, cunning, reckless and devilishly handsome and I was completely and utterly entrapped by all that is him, consumed by him.

What was it like to be in love with the Devil's son? I'll tell you......


Will seemingly ordinary werewolf Arabella Wilson fight against the innermost parts of her soul defying fate to keep a small piece of herself untainted and solely hers? Or would she succumb to the pull she felt to a certain set of honey eyes, with fiery red flecks that danced dangerously within them, a reminder and warning of what lies within the holder.

*Full disclosure, I do not own the images used for this cover*

*Mature graphic content*

*PG 18+*

Warning: This book contains s*x, dominance, fetish, abuse, death and strong language. This is your warning. I won't warn readers when these are dropped in chapters within this novel as I feel it takes away from some of the plot and surprise.

This book is copywritten, I own full rights, DO NOT


Tags: darkforbiddenpossessivefatedmatedominantkickass heroinesweetbxg
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Chapter 45

"I can't believe you deliberately disobeyed me, have you learned nothing from me?" Lucifer hissed at Austin starting to pace the room, a habit Austin inherited from him. 

I leaned forward slowly, inching closer to the slightly ajar door, silently hoping they wouldn't sense me eavesdropping. Once Kane was taken to the medical wing of t……


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