The Alpha King


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In the shadows of the night (nevada) Las Vegas in a furious war rages between vampires and werewolves, priests and krogs, they want only one thing to eliminate the other race. However, none of them want annihilation more than Owen the werewolf king. The strongest of his kind with a pure bloodline he knows that when the vampires run out of human blood in the villages and he knows that when that happens his people will be the new menu he needs to eliminate them but for that he needs the support of all the clans... One night he smells her, "mine", his wolf grunts and owen is sure of one thing, his mate is not in his territory. Ayla Clarke, a young orphan and half-breed, ignorant of her heritage and destiny eventually discovers that she is a vampire and the mate of a werewolf, one who now wants to take over her race. there is no other way out for him but to take the beautiful girl into the middle of this impending war, how could he leave her behind in the middle of that forest, she is my wolf's mate .


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ayla e owen

i knew she was gone the moment i left her i knew from our bond that she was no longer in this territory she had made her decision and i would have to accept it what had surprised me was that Owen's ex was Dominic's ally
she hated vampires so much that i was surprised by everything
- ignore . Owen says massaging me after four hours o……