Faelme: Princess Evol and her Fairy Prince


K. A. N Romance

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If you would like a book with a beautiful and deep meaning to mate bonds... Try this book out!

Faelme is an alternate universe in a lone earth Island. It Is inhabited by Faeries, Elves, and Mermaid and only magic can open the portal.

Evol is the Elfin princess who is secretly a warrior against her mother's will. Her mum would rather have her settle down and get married to the Huge, Handsome and oh so Arrogant Fairy Prince, Curtis.

Curtis instinctively knew that the Elvin princess was not the gentle and shy image she had been forced to present. Evol hated the fairy prince at first sight since he was always teasing her with his arrogant remarks and his signature c*cksure smirk.

An excerpt from the book:

“Queen Layla, Princess Evol.” Curtis said with a slight bow by the way of a greeting.

“Good day, Prince Curtis.” The Queen flashed him a brilliant smile. Evol, however, turned her glare on him eyeing him angrily, her big green eyes still blazing.

Curtis wondered how much more it would him take to shatter her perfect princess facade completely.

"Prince Curtis, please excuse my daughter's poor manners." The Queen said to him when time had passed enough that they realized Evol wasn't going to acknowledge his greetings. Not with words anyway.

"It is no problem, ma'am. It is always a pleasure to see princess Evol no matter how many times she pushes me away." He replied putting his charms to use and the Queen totally fell for it. Only Evol recognized his smile for what it was,

A mocking smirk.

The egoistical bullhorn was mocking her.

This vermin scum. This arrogance in faerie flesh. Evol thought as her mother shot her another look. The Prince had just made it seem like she had been ignoring his nonexistent advances.

Feigning the best smile she could fake considering how mad she felt at that moment, she answered the prince. "We were not in the best of situations the last time we met Curtis." She intentionally addressed him by his first name to create an aura of familiarity for her mother's benefit.

“You should smile more often, Evol." Curtis replied back with a grin.

The Queen, looked awfully pleased at their tiny jabs, mistaking the tension between them for something it was most definitely not.

“Uhm... I should just excuse you both." She said loudly to catch their attention, then she whispered to Evol, “Take all the time you need."

With a final smile, she walked away from them leaving them alone on the hallway.

“Prince Curtis, what do you really want?" Evol asked with clenched teeth once they were alone.

“Back to formalities now, are we?" He put his hand to his left chest and gave her the look of a kicked puppy.

Evol was about to give him a scathing reply when noticed his eyes raking over her form from head to toe.

To say that she was taken aback would be understatement. She was so caught off guard that she forgot what she was going to say.
Why was he looking at her like that? And what was the meaning of that smile he was giving her? And why the heck was her face so hot?

“How many hours did it take the royal healers to put you back together again?"

Her brain did not register his word for a full five seconds, and when it did she felt blood rush to her face. This time, from anger.

“ I– uhm— What?" Evol stuttered and got even more mad that he had just made a fool of her.
He made her blush one second, and insulted her the next.

No words could express how mad and embarrassed she was, so she settled for giving him her most poisonous glare which for some reason only seemed to fuel his amusement.

Curtis felt his breathe catch at the sight of the adorable tiny princess glaring at him. Her wide green eyes only making her look even much more cute as they danced with fire. This, Curtis thought, was finally the princess Evol he had been subconsciously searching for.

She looked liked a true Fiery Queen. That was the word that came to mind.

Curtis took one, two steps towards her. Towering over her like a wall, his woodsy scent teasing her nostrils and making her stomach riot in protest. It took all of Evol's willpower not to take a cowardly step back and just run away from his presence.

Dear God, he didn't stop there. He leaned down till he could graze his lips against the flesh of her ear lobe and whispered.
“It's nice to finally meet you, Princess Evol."

Evol saw red, there was definitely laughter in his words. What did he mean by '...finally meet you?'

Before she could think of a word civil enough to be uttered by a princess as a response, he carried his gigantic smirking self to his room, a door away.

Evol could not even return to her own room, where her mother was sure to be waiting for her, from how embarrassed she felt.

Prince Curtis had won this round, but she would win the next.
She promised herself that.

A rich and original enemies to lovers book with lots of surprises from start to finish.
Don't skip this in the book, some things were cut from it.


Tags: fatedkickass heroineroyalty/nobledramabxggxgmysteryfemale leadanother worldenemies to lovers
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Bonus Chapter II

Two days later, A public hearing was held for the offenders. The hearing had been announced the day before throughout all the kingdoms as an open invitation to the land kingdom.

It was a really big deal as a whole lot of faes were present. Most of the Elves, a lot of fairies and even an handful of curious Merfolk.



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