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#Girlpower - Rebirth of the Heroine Writing Contest.

Cassandra has always tagged werewolves as prose fiction and had never really believed they existed until she gets bitten by a werewolf after she is left for dead in an accident planned to get rid of her and her mother.

Trying to live with this new identity of hers, Cassandra seeks to avenge her mother's brutal death, but what happens when the son of the culprit is her mate?

And what happens when the werewolf whose bite she had survived death turns out to be the enemy of her new found pack?

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"You seem to forget so soon that you are only a maid. Do you realize what you are doing?" Mr. King growled.

"I might only be a maid but it doesn't change what I saw. How could you, Mr. King? How could you do something like that? Did you even think about your son? How will Hunter feel when he finds out?"

From the raspiness in her mother's voice, Cassandra could tell her mother was close to crying and it made her all the more afraid.

"Shut up!" Mr. King yelled once again. "Shut your damn mouth up!"

Judging from the sound of his footsteps, Cassandra knew he was walking towards her mother.

"And who's gonna tell Hunter? You?" There was a sneer in his voice.

"You don't scare me!" Her mother seethed.

"Of course, I do." He snorted and suddenly, Cassandra could hear her mother choking.

#Dreame Writing Marathon-- Love Story contest


Tags: alphareincarnation/transmigrationshifterkickass heroinelunabxgmysterywerewolvespackrebirth/rebornStary Writing Academy IIIDreame Love Story Contest
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