Ace-The Secret Assasin


S.Bell Romance

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A girls who’s life had taken unforeseen circumstances finds herself caught up with the wrong people but no matter what, it’s the only family she has ever known. When everything seems to be going fine for once in Emma’s life, she finds herself trying to keep a deep secret from the person that has slowly opened her heart again. Will Liam be able to except her and all her brokenness or will he run away to protect himself and will Emma be ok with putting the love of her life in constant danger. She has lost so many people, she doesn’t know if she could loose him too. No matter what she won’t be able to run from the past that she’s kept a secret for so long. It always comes out to find you in the end. Or are secrets easier to keep between two people if one of them is dead.


Tags: murderkillerbadgirlkickass heroinebxgabuseWriting AcademystubbornWriting AcademyGirlpower Revenge Writing Contest
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Chapter Thirteen- You Maniac

Liam POV

     When we made it back to the hotel we packed up and headed out towards the airport. We were both ready to get back to the comfort of our own homes. Emma had already called up the private plane to make sure everything was ready to go before I drove us both to the airport invested ……


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