Living the Erotic Life


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CAUTION: Please be aware that this story has sex scenes that seems, these are fiction and should not be considered serious and real. This is a fiction story after all.

This story consists of a series of smut. This is not recommended for children and therefore consider it for 18+. I've changed this from a series of one-shots to a story where the main character has had a series of wild partners in his lifetime, this involves:

• Homosexual partners
• Transvestites
• Transgender
• Teacher/student
• anything requested.
• Animals
• Bondage
• Cheating
Except necr-philia and ped-philia, anyone requested to be under 18 or 19+ is reported.


Tags: adventurealphaforbiddenlove-trianglepregnantdominantomegatragedybisexual
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Chapter 21: Failure

There was an unsettling silence between the two adults, one scolding while the other remained focused down at the ground, nervous. The nervous one had his eyebrows knitted and trembling.

"Well, what the actual fuck did you mean by 'call the police' if needed? Brandon, why did you say such things?" Sybill scolded, even grabbing him by the c……