Enchanted World: Deceptive Ties

Shady_D Fantasy

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Growing up in a supernatural world where power is everything and has created a strict hierarchy with the strongest at the top, humans live every day in scarcity and fear of vampires and elves. It's everyone for themselves as people strive only to protect and provide for immediate family which leaves Nora and her fellow orphans at the bottom of society trying to band together to keep surviving in an unfair world.

When it's found that she may have a way to change how things are, Nora has no option but to choose between love and possibly being able to make things better for all humans like herself and friends while brewing tensions between vampires and elves threatens nothing but more harm to everybody.


Tags: darkkidnapfatedgoodgirlbravebxgvampireroyalfirst lovenaiveRoyal Romance Writing Contest
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Chapter 37 - Final


Turning back to the elf, Nora gave a smile, “I’m fine… Zac left earlier.”

“He left? But no one drove him home.”

“He wanted to-to take a walk. Get some fresh air.” The elf looked towards the hall behind him seeming worried.

“It’s late. It’s not safe for a human.” Nora held her breath. If only he knew…

“It’s oka……