Unleashed (Guardians of Anubis - Book 1)


Kholo M Paranormal

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Finding a mate should be the happiest moment in any guardian’s life. But for princess Zaya it spells trouble…
From the moment she hears her mate’s dark compelling voice in her mind, she knows her days are numbered.
He coming for her!
And he’ll want to claim her as his…taking away the very thing that will save her kingdom and help her rectify her past mistakes…
As an Unborn Guardian Dage hopes for nothing but living a better life than being a slave. That’s why when his master appears and offers him his freedom at a price he doesn’t question it. He follows him to wherever he leads. But he never imagined that he will lead him to his mate…
A mate who is a princess of the Guardians of Kemet…
Talk about impossible…
Do Unborn Guardians even have mates, if they are treated like slaves?
Dage doesn’t know, but he plans to claim his mate in every way possible.
If only she would except him…
But Zaya is too focused on saving her home and finding her brother, that she doesn’t even see the danger that she puts herself in. Forced
This novel is the first instalment in the series ‘Guardian of Anubis’. The Guardians of Anubis are shifters that shift into his form – Half man, half jackal. All guardians are born, but sometimes Anubis bestows a gift to humans – it is not known why it happens, or when it will happen. These are call the Unborn – and because the Guardians don’t understand them they are kept as slaves. The guardians live in kingdoms on the fringes of human towns. And their purpose is guard the humans from demons from the underworlds. I
This story follows Dage and Zaya’s love story.
(Standalone novel)


Tags: darkpossessivefatedopposites attractbxgsupernaturalgorgeousnaive
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57 Chapter 54

Zaya was glad that everything will go back to normal. Kemet will rise back to its splendour again. The king will call the guardians back. Zaya couldn’t wait for their return.    

“How do you know where Saphrina is?”

 Saphrina’s return will mean everything she had set out to do was achieved, and she could sta……


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