Zane: The Atlantean Prince


Mik-MikPaMore Fantasy

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Warning! Matured content! (18+)

Zeus punished the Atlanteans thousands of years ago. He sank Atlantis into the deepest part of the ocean and let them live separately from the surface of the Earth.

Zane discovered his power accidentally, and he kept it to himself because of trauma. He is smart but with weak personality because of what happened in the past, the main reason he became a victim of bullying in school when he was a kid. He never fights back. He was also raised by his parents with kind and honest hearts. Later on, he will discover he is destined to kill the king of gods and goddesses.

Aera, the goddess of sky, storm and wind, is tasked to find the one mentioned in the oracle, and kill him. She did not know she will fall in love with him.

But Aera is Zeus' secret love child with one of Artemis' handmaidens. Will there be a happy ending between her and Zane?


Tags: darksexself-improvedtragedybxglightheartedmale leadmagical worldsupernature earthschool
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Zane's family and her friends gathered to celebrate his birthday. They went to the same private beach.

"Zane, do you have a wish?" Tommy asked while peeling the apple for Cassy. Finally, he got a girlfriend.

"There's nothing I could wish for." He glanced at Aera. "I have everything I need. My family, my friends and my g……


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