My alien mate (Alien planet , #1)


amy.tamas15 Romance

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"Mine," instinct tells me. And then something that I never thought will have to happen - my second heart starts beating.
My mate is very different from the females from my tribe but this does not matter to me, because she is mine to cherish, mine to protect, mine to adore. And I will kill anyone that will try to hurt her.


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Da'r POV- Searching

When I wake up H’na is not with me. No matter how much I look for she is not inside. Did she go outside? But she knows there are sylexs out there. But the more I think about it the more I am convinced that H'na went outside. I am a bit uneasy about this.I decide to go outside and look for her there. But I do not find her outside either. But I fi……