My Secret Mate


Maria LGBT+

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Xavier Ramon was just another werewolf in the Blood Moon pack. He wasn’t an alpha, beta, delta, an abused omega, or even a runt. He was just a regular werewolf, going about his business and waiting for his birthday to come so he can reject his mate, and control his own life like a regular person.

His birthday was finally here, and he found his mate. The only problem?

His mate was a human, at his high school. How was he supposed to reject a human?

Seth Truman was a regular guy, with a regular girlfriend, and a semi-regular family. However, a guy who he never really talked to before suddenly has his undivided attention. Why?

How will it all work out?

Content warning: this story contains mature and sexual content.


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Chapter Fourteen

I arrived at the bar promptly. I rushed in, and froze as I tried to take in what was happening in front of me. Ryder stood there, pummeling some man with an already bloody face while Trent piggybacked on his back to no avail. All the other patrons to the bar were either staring with wide eyes, while some were knocked out with bruises and injurie……