Is he the one that got away???

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Vanessa is an independent 38 years old single woman, divorced to be precise.
She was in a new bar, with some old friends when she just saw him, her first love, no, not her first love, her only platonic first love, the one that got away, and as soon as he saw her and his beautiful honey brown eyes shone with the recognition of her, she just went back to 1992.
Follow Vanessa’s discovery journey during her middle school years, how she fall in love for the very first time, discover her true feelings, deal with heartbreak, met her first boyfriend, the first kiss, deal with the uncertainty of the teenage years, all that and more while living in a time where no social media and cellphone were on hand.


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Chapter 27: Why is he annoyed???

It was recess, and as soon as we walked into the third section backyard Larry came over to me.

“Do you have it?” he asked me, referring to the new gossip book, but yesterday I had lots of homework, I got uninvited visits and I couldn't finish it...

“Nope” I answered him with sad eyes,……