The 9th Immortal : Savior of the Vedas


Amy Cullen Fantasy

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This story is based on the Indian lore legends of the Chiranjeevi's ( immortals) Follow Gauri a normal girl from a brahmin family as she finds herself entangled in Indian ancient myths so much that she finds herself going to Naga Lok (hell) then Swarg lok ( heaven) because she is the only one who can find the person who can save this creation from a demon king. Will she succeed?

Oh yes of course but you know that's why he is called Vishyasur, he is the master of that cursed race and the poison of these curse and powerful Nagas pump through his veins He gave me half s******c smile

How immersive I said sarcastically.

5000 years ago, the king of the underworld was cursed out from his own kingdom by the gods, now 5000 years later he is after the sacred knowledge of the gods to just not get back his kingdom but destroy all of the creation and rule the heavens.

Gauri, just Gauri adopted into a brahmin family, raised on the temple grounds but you would not find a more anti-religious person on this earth than her. God is the last person she believes in but her destiny will shake her every belief from the core.

Follow her as she goes in the quest to find an immortal being who to everyone seems to like the last hope to save all of the creation.

Sink yourself into these deep vines of Indian Mythology Adventure with Gauri.
This is Book One in 9th Immortal Series


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