A Place Where There Is No Darkness


Juju Jojo Action

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I gave most of my life to them. I went to prison for them. But now I'm done playing their games. I'm choosing another side, one that maybe - just maybe - stands a chance of beating them once and for all. Hopefully, I'll live long enough to tell you all about it.

Ellie has been in the clutches of a criminal organisation for a big part of her young life. Her story with them ended badly and now she's three years into her five-year prison sentence. She would like nothing more but to enjoy the earned retirement, but luck has never had the habit of going along with her plans. Unfortunately, neither has the organisation.
They want her to do one last job for them, threatening the thing that means everything to her if she doesn't obey. The problem, as Ellie knows, is that the one last job always, inevitably turns into another and then another and then she's hooked once again.
This time, she's not going along anymore. She's going to fight and if she has to stand alone against an army, she'll damn well stand tall until she's won, lost or there's nothing left to stand for.


Tags: adventureFBI
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I watched the dark street below. It was hard to see at this hour of the night – everything was shrouded in darkness –, but thanks to my glasses, people and things were visible and bathed in a green glow.

This was it. I had worked for it for three weeks.

A figure stepped out of the house opposite of the one I was crouching on. The for……


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