The Spell & The Legacy


Melody Tyden Paranormal

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COMPLETED. This is the 2nd book in the Cold Lake series. The curse that separated Alpha brothers Killian and Jaxon has finally been lifted, but new dangers and new enemies are waiting just around the corner.

Ever since the war that led to the curse in the first place, magic has been outlawed amongst wolf packs and witches have been suppressed. Briar has been held captive most of her life, hidden away by a pack that wants to use her family's abilities to give them an advantage in the next war to come.

Wolf politics and disputes were never much interest to Briar until she finds herself caught up in the conflict in a far more personal way than she ever imagined. Will she find a way to reconcile her hatred of her oppressors with the new feelings she's having, or will the tides of war sweep away her chance at happiness?

This is a sequel to the book The Curse & The Prophecy.


Tags: witch/wizarddramabxgwerewolvesenemies to lovers
Latest Updated
54 - A Vision

Briar's POV

It was strange enough to be standing in front of a demi-god. I hadn't even really been aware that beings like him existed, but Jaxon had filled me in a tiny bit as we walked outside, telling me about how the man we were about to meet had mated with a wolf, one of Aurelia's ancestors, and that his powers were the source o……


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