Abducted By Hercules


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Neha wasn’t born to live in this part of the world. The part in which women are nothing but an entertainment for men.

Where blood is spilt mercilessly every second without regret

Where power and money is all that mattered

Neha wasn’t born to live in the world where Hercules ruled ruthlessly

When the devil captures Neha and forcibly pushes her into a tornado of danger, burning lust and uncontrollable feelings. Along with the grief of losing her father, can she walk out the disaster in one piece and understand her new life?

Or will she fall to her knees and leave herself exposed to other distresses she never imagined she would go through?

Her naiveté will make her want to reach for Hercules’s sinful hands during the times she struggles to stay on her feet.

But what she doesn’t know is that maybe falling into a pit of darkening tragedies is better than falling into the arms of a callous man.


Tags: billionairedarkpossessivedominantmanipulativesubmissivemafiatwisted
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I walked into my bedroom and saw Hercules with Doctor, now I can see the shot mark clearly. Both my kids are sitting beside Hercules and my little kids have tears in their eyes.
Hercules, holding both the kids in his arms tightly like a protective father but by his expressions, I can say that he is not happy to see the tears in the eyes of t……


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