Billionaire's Savage Chase


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"This ends when you are entirely mine, you're running towards a dead end where the only way out is to surrender to me. And trust me, you will get there, because I have a thousand ways of chasing, some of which you won't enjoy." He whispers to my ear.

"With all due respect, sir, your perception of human rights is quite crooked." I say boldly.

"Human rights my foot!"

Hello, I am a first class geek and an expert at embarrassing myself or life simply hates like me. My mouth also has a way of speaking on it's own sometimes, most of the times, actually.

I just transferred college because my parents moved, again! Today is that day that I feel like faking death rather than living it. A phenomenal character like mine isn't suited for those interesting, first-day-at-new-school experiences.

If I survive through today without a classic embassment, the sky will fall in honour of my achievement.


Tags: possessivearrogantbravestudentdramabxgcampusfirst lovelove at the first sightgorgeous
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If this man is the first thing I see every morning, there would never be a bad day in my life. Well, as long as he remains quiet. Because once he opens his arrogant mouth, one wants to run away.

"Naughty little geek, you're looking good today! What's the occasion?" He says, his steely eyes openly checking me out.


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