If I Could Love You Again


NeekoTrue LGBT+

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“Taylor… I’m sorry,” Garrett said softly, just barely able to keep the cry out his voice as he finally said the words he’d wished so many times that he had said before, but never had the courage to say. “I didn’t mean it at all.”
This time, things would different…
He was a man now, not a scared boy running from his feelings. And this man was one who would do everything in his power to ensure that his childhood friend and the secret love of his life would never, ever come to a point where Taylor thought his life wasn’t worth living.
Because he couldn't go through that again.
He couldn't stand over his grave again and ask the world WHY.
No, this time would be different. This time Garrett would protect Taylor and make sure his best friend had the life he was supposed to lead.
Or Garret would die from heartache trying.


Tags: time-travelsecond chancefriends to loverswitch/wizardstudentbxbhighschoolsmall townfirst loveYoung Adult Fiction Writing Contest Ⅱ
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The Potion

Watching Garrett flip through a book of magic under the light of the flashlight Taylor held was making Taylor feel… strange.

Garrett was letting him into this amazing world… like Taylor somehow belonged there with him, even though Taylor definitely did not. As far as he was aware, he didn’t have a magical bone in his body.

And it was……


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