The Queen of Heart

Shams Romance

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Vikram who is a widower prays that he wants an innocent girl as his queen and he gets what he wants, but in a different situation, can he accept her as his queen and protect her?

Chhavi who just wants others to be happy, what happens when she was forced to marry the person who was about to marry her sister?

Sarah whose dream is to become a queen and rule the kingdom, and she gets what she wants, but in a different way? Can she accept her fate?

Mahesh, who wants a prince for his kingdom, but every time he marries he feels as though his queen is cheating on him, will he know the real truth of the death of his queens?

Come join the journey of four people with four different dreams, will they be able to achieve their dreams and able to overcome the troubles created by others?


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Episode 18

Chhavi’s POV

    Tomorrow I am having an exam and I have been trying to call my dad for a long time, but he is not answering my call. It was not from my mobile though, I am calling him from the landline number of the palace.

    I just took my books and started reading them, but my eyes……