Debby Jenn Suspense/Thriller

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Owen is an only son in a family of a millionaire business man whose untimely death launches him into the battlefield with a man who was not only his father's best friend but a business partner as well. Owen learns that he has to drop his career and
everything he has worked hard for to take over from where his father left. Willis who happens to be his father's best friend expected thst he would be the one running the business but shock on him as Gerald planned ahead snd put people in place to trsin Owen on what he waa to do.

Willis lauches war on Owen wanting him dead and in the process, Owen's mother dies under unclear circumstances making Owen, his girlfriend, and best friend suspects to her murder after autopsy reveals she was strangled to death.

Owen is out to revange for his parent's death but in the process alot of things unfold about his fathers relationship with Willis.

It is going to get ugly because guns will go off... Blood will be shed, tears will flow, relationships will be broken and you know what they say about trust.. Money is not everything but MONEY is everything...


Tags: revengedramatragedymysterystraightboldbrilliantambitiouscrimeweak to strong
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Robert came in just in time to find the pathologist finishing up his findings and I had to brief him after the officer and the pathologist stepped out.

I stared at my mothers dead body and I felt my heart break. I loved my mother more than I ever did my dad because she always stood in the way of my dad when things got out of hand an……