My Mate's A Stripper


Cassy Leporati Paranormal

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"You're f*****g mental." I breathed, watching him with wide-eyes.

He froze and stiffened up after those words left my mouth, his eyes going a shade darker and he growled again which made me whimper.

"What did you say?" He spat, standing directly in front of me as his minty breath fanned my face.

I gasped out loud and pushed myself impossibly closer to the wall, fearing this psycho.

How come all the hot guys are f*****g crazy?!


Crystal Keyser, an average stripper who needs the money for something private. Nobody knows what she needs it for, it's best to keep it that way. That is, until she meets Nathan.

Nathan Grey, an Alpha werewolf who's been seeking his mate ever since he was a young boy. Everyone knows how much he wants to find her, he doesn't know her yet but he loves her already. Then one day he finds Crystal.

What happens when Nathan finds out Crystals a stripper and her secret? Will he still love her the same? Or will he reject her and find someone else whose more innocent?

Started: 12/13/17
Finished: 04/16/18


(I'm still young so if this book sucks I truly apologize, I'm only 13 after all...)


Tags: darkkidnapbraveconfidentdramatragedybxg
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••••Four Years Later••••

"Don't eat that!" I said, grabbing the TV remote out of Sydney's hands and turning the TV on for her.

"Caillou!" She giggled, getting up and running to the TV only to stand directly in front of it.

I sighed and stared at her, watching her turn her head to look at me with a big smile.


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