Alpha Island: The Lycan's Mate


JM Snap Fantasy

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Dylan Chains, the lycan prince was forced to attend a magic university in order to discover the secret behind mysterious student disappearances along with the heirs of the other three clans (Dragons, Witches & Fae) . As a means to keep students focused on their studies students lose their mate senses... all except for royalty. It isn't long after Dylan enters into the barrier of AIU that he is hit with the sweetest scent in the world. The smell of his mate who doesn't recognize him as such because of the mate block.

Now on top of solving the mystery of the missing students he must also win the heart of his mate.

Ava Metts is enrolled at AIU as a werewolf. But there is more to her then meets the eyes. And she fears for her safety if the lycan's discover who she really is.

Little does Ava know the man who is showing interest in her is her mate... who is the prince of the lycan's.

This is a sister book of “Alpha Island: The Dragon's Mate” by Marion Artwood where you can find out about the love story between the Dragon Prince Darren and his mate Skylar. The events of both books happen at the same time and place.

Dare to be A Teen: Elite Academy


Tags: alphapossessivefatedmatekickass heroineprinceweredragonbxgwerewolvescampusStary Writing Academy III
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Bonus 3 The Lycan Kingdom Part 3

Soldiers stood at attention as the sound of commanding footsteps echoed down the hall. A moment later two figures came into view followed by four others. Behind them were several guards following at a distance.

A little girl with brown hair and blue eyes suddenly squealed. She ran past everyone and dove straight into Dylan’s arms.


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